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Company profile

Who is Virtue?

Virtue is a consulting firm that helps organizations integrate a social-business approach as a leading framework-for-action. By integrating perceptions, processes and result-oriented behaviors, we cultivate business and organizational capabilities that lead to profit alongside significant social value.

Virtue‘s holistic services (business, management, organization) are geared towards developing and fulfilling the capabilities described above, while applying unique tools that were specifically designed for it.

The Bottom Line

Our approach aims to achieve the following ‘Bottom Lines’:

  • Opening new markets
  • Brand upgrading
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Stronger public trust
  • Reduction of external risks & negative indicators (customer complaints, sexual harassment incidents, on-the-job accidents)


Why a Social-Business Approach?

Today, companies and organizations have become major social players. As work environments become more central and meaningful than even before, organizations have more impact on the welfare of people in large circles, on their physical and environmental surroundings, and on their quality of life.

As a result, employees, clients, suppliers and the general public expect firms to pursue larger profit margins while using their growing influence to create expansive social value. The public expects organizations to choose actions that carry significant social weight and positively impact all stakeholders.

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