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The People Behind Virtue

The People Behind Virtue

Virtue was established and is co-managed by Roni Tamir and Dr. Ariel Vainer. Roni and Ariel are organizational consultants with over 40 years of accumulated experience in managing systematic organizational processes and promoting social change within a large and socially-impactful organization. The majority of their experience comes from working as senior organizational consultants in the Israel Defense Forces (retiring as Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel, respectively). Regarding social issues, Roni and Ariel have worked for over a decade to promote gender equality and cultural diversity in the IDF, and have provided consultation on issues concerning fairness and transparency throughout interactions with external parties. Roni and Ariel’s efforts took place in a complex environment and throughout socially turbulent times.
Roni and Ariel are currently leading organizational projects for a variety of companies and public institutions.

Roni Tamir

After over 20 years as an organizational consultant, meetings and collaborations between organizations and people still provide excitement. I aim to create social impact in everything that I do.
I especially enjoy developing new tools, learning and catching up on current trends and methods. My organizational diagnosis is based on the narrative approach, seeking the 'stories' people tell themselves, through which they create an organization reality. This type of analysis offers sharp, refreshing and result-oriented input.
I have many years of experience in senior management consultation, including strategic processes relating to conceptual and organizational change, system development, employee assessment and organizational research.
I am currently writing my doctorate on women in the IDF in the 21st century, while also engaging in fiction writing.
I am a mother to three wonderful teenagers, whom I raise with my partner Erez.

Dr. Ariel Vainer

I have been a sociologist and organizational consultant for over 20 years. Applying an anthropological approach to my work with organizations, I believe that discussed ideas are a robust engine for reshaping organizations. Yet I also seek the practical "how to implement things within the organization" approach, as it determines results, and my professional actions are results-oriented.
I work diligently towards creating systematic change and establishing sustainable infrastructure, which will impact organizations over time. I specialize in facilitation and in dealing with complex organizational challenges, by tapping into the 'wisdom of the crowd' and utilizing its assets to shape sustainable strategies.
I am fueled by a desire to do meaningful things that change peoples' lives, organizations and society as a whole.
I was born and raised in Argentina, but dreamt of joining the ongoing Jewish State project from a relatively young age. At age 18 I realized my dream, and served for many years in the IDF, working in my chosen profession.
I have three amazing sons, whom I raise with my partner Avigail.

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