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Developing A Social-Business Operational Approach

Developing A Social-Business Operational Approach

A social-business operational approach is based on an analysis of core social problems in Israel and worldwide, as an opportunity for business activity. This approach creates new market opportunities, uncovers needs that lead to unique product or service development, attracts potential investors that take an interest in company character and not only in product quality, and empowers employee commitment – which in turn increases the potential for medium and long-term business profit.

Virtue - Developing A Social-Business Operational Approach

Approach implementation includes:

  • ‘Higher Purpose’ Articulation, based on social values.
  • Strategy Elaboration. A focus on defining areas of action & methods for creating business and social impact, definition of the framework for action and the establishment of an actionable work plan.
  • Socially-oriented business development consultancy. Analysis of potential markets, connections, content expertise and guidance until transaction completion.
  • Mapping, analyzing & managing dialogue with stakeholders. A process invested in clarifying needs and expectations with stakeholders and establishing valuable options for action that create a balance between stakeholders’ varying (and at times conflicting) needs and demands.
  • Professional reporting process guidance, based on corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles. Aid in drafting CSR reports, in accordance with the accepted quality standards.

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